“Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs” present at “Between Entrepreneurship & Finance” event


“Erasmus for young entrepreneurs” is present at “Between Entrepreneurship and Finance” event organized by the initiative group “From the Soul for Cluj” in the events series “Com’On Cluj”.

The event “Between Entrepreneurship and Finance” is taking place on Wednesday, May 13, from 16:30, at Cinema Mărăşti and included workshops, trainings and motivational speeches. The event aims to combine modern analytical aspects as the small business must have, with the financial and non-financial company.

At the event, the Danis Foundation will present international exchanges between entrepreneurs conducted by the European Commission’s programme “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs” (www.erasmus-entrepreneurs.eu), exchanges that can directly contribute to the business development of small entrepreneurs Cluj.

The guests taking part at the event were: Ruxandra Mercea, Executive Director Transylvania College with a motivational speech about “Starting a Business”; then Crina Fufezescu, founder of market research company Cribo Work Business will provide some tips on how to direct your “Negotiate contracts for profit” in the form of case studies. Also, Mark Torok, a trainer with experience in PR and Marketing will bring to public attention “Market positioning products and services” and Carmen Nicula, human resources specialist, will explain “How to manage your people, information inside and outside the company “.

Those wishing to attend the event must reserve a place at the latest by May 10, 22:00 to: dinsufletpentrucluj@yahoo.ro. The reservation mentioned your name. And telephone number.

More details can be found on the official website of the event https://www.facebook.com/IntreAntreprenoriatsifinanciar and on the initiative group From the Soul for Cluj pentru Cluj https://www.facebook.com/DinsufletpentruCluj.

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