From Start-Up Dreams to Global Success: Patrik Rojan Reflects on His Entrepreneurial Journey and the EYE Programme

Follow up success story of Patrik Rojan, eight months after the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs’ exchange.

Meet Patrik Rojan, the founder of Mixtazure, an SEO company based in Cluj-Napoca. The company helps businesses grow by getting more visitors and making more money.

Patrik established Mixtazure in 2022. In the spring of 2023, he participated in a two-month Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs exchange in Limassol, Cyprus. During this programme he collaborated with an experienced entrepreneur in the same field, gaining valuable insights and experience. At that time, Mixtazure had just started with around five clients and no clear plan for growth. They were just starting out and figuring things out.

Fast forward eight months from the exchange, the things are different. Mixtazure has grown to have 20 clients, and they’re getting more every month. They even hired their first employee. Despite the growth, they kept offering the same good services and making sure everything is done on time for their clients.

One big change was making friends internationally. Patrik partnered with a marketing agency in Cyprus, and they shared clients and worked together. It was exciting for Patrik to see how businesses are run in another European country and to learn from someone who knows their stuff. This experience played a significant role in Mixtazure’s success.

Reflecting on this international collaboration, Patrik expressed, “It has been one of the best experiences so far as a new entrepreneur, especially in such a competitive market.


Invited by Fundatia Danis, Patrik willingly shared his insights on his Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs experience. Patrik’s journey exemplifies the transformative impact of international collaboration and the opportunities that programs like EYE offer to aspiring and new entrepreneurs.


What is your ambition, dream or wish? Why did you want to become an entrepreneur?

I’ve always had the ambition to open a business or startup from an early age. Alongside attending numerous conferences and graduating from the business faculty, I relentlessly searched for the best idea, only to realize it was right in front of me. As I gained experience in the SEO field, I noticed that many businesses in Romania struggled to perform in this area. That’s when the idea of offering SEO Agency Services began to take shape, eventually leading to its establishment. In the long term, our goal is to become the premier SEO agency in our local market and, who knows, even in Central Europe within a few years.


How did you decide to join the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneur’s programme?

I learned about the EYE program from another person who had participated and then explored the program further through Fundatia Danis. Although I had heard about the program before, I never delved into the details. It was in November 2022 when I finally decided to participate and make it happen. I had only heard positive feedback about the program and its potential for learning and growth.


Who assisted you on your Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs’ journey?

My Host entrepreneur was everything I could have hoped for in a mentor to guide me through this new journey as an entrepreneur.  He provided guidance on everything from finances to people management and helped me understand what to truly expect. The application process was straightforward, and the Intermediary Organization from Cluj, Fundatia Danis provided excellent support throughout.

What challenges did you face during the exchange?

As with any new experience, you will face some challenges, but if you are mentally prepared for it to be a totally new adventure, you’ll be ready for them. Language wasn’t an issue at all, as almost everybody in Cyprus speaks English.

I recommend looking for accommodation as your first step when you check the city where your entrepreneurial journey will take place. As we know, Europe has become expensive, especially in terms of rent, and you need to do a lot of research to find something that fits your needs. Navigating a new environment solo can be an interesting experience, and I believe it can contribute to personal growth on your entrepreneurial journey.


How did you benefit from the programme, in terms of professional and personal growth?

I learned a great deal about the financial operations of a marketing agency, as well as sales techniques. Sales proved to be one of our main challenges, and in response, we implemented sales-specific proposals, pricing strategies, and optimized workflows to ensure efficiency.


What has happened since? How is your business developing?

I completed the exchange in May 2023 after spending two months in Cyprus. Since then, we’ve managed to double our client portfolio and deliver significant improvements for our clients.

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