Designing Futures: A Sustainable Exchange in Scandinavian Creativity

Impact Succes Story of Alina Moise, Young Entrepreneur in product design sector, from Bucharest and Jo Qiang, Host Entrepreneur in Architectural Design, from Copenhagen


Introduction of the business Exchange partners 

Mrs. Alina Moise, 28, a passionate green entrepreneur from Bucharest, founded Project Para in September 2022, specializing in bespoke and eco-friendly 3D printed objects. With a keen desire to expand her clientele and further develop her business in the realm of sustainable product design, Alina was seeking opportunities for growth and learning. She decided to participate in the exchange programme after discovering it through a former colleague. Her objectives encompass gaining insights into the business facets of design and expanding her professional network.



The host entrepreneur Ms. Jo Qiang, 32, a partner at Archival Studies, a Copenhagen-based design practice that explores interior architecture for transformation and care of the existing. Beyond sustainability, their approach aims to revitalize spaces, through regenerative design principles. Creating sensory-rich environments, they collaborate extensively with a diverse network of partners and clients, showcasing dedication to design excellence and innovation.

The exchange between Alina and Jo Qiang represents a convergence of passion.

Activities undertaken

For a five months period, starting from September 2023 until January 2024, Alina and Jo collaborated in diverse activities, including design projects, knowledge-sharing sessions, and co-creation endeavours. Alina actively engaged with Jo daily, driven by her passion for design and the pursuit of entrepreneurial development. Alina contributed to various projects for prestigious Danish brands, cultural spaces, and private commissions. Their collaboration culminated in the successful launch of the Archival Products web shop. Beyond the project specifics, Alina attended client meetings and supervised site work for a comprehensive project involving renovation, interior design, and furniture and lighting production.

Weekly design reviews played a crucial role, providing a structured platform for shared reflection, feedback, and refinement of ongoing initiatives. This collaborative approach not only enriched the professional growth of both entrepreneurs but also significantly contributed to the success of the projects undertaken during the exchange.

Benefits achieved

The exchange between Alina and Jo brought numerous benefits and laid the groundwork for future endeavours. Engaging in joint projects, Alina gained a nuanced understanding of Scandinavian design, emphasizing the crucial role of effective communication, strategic networking, and meticulous branding in both design and entrepreneurship.

The collaboration led to the successful launch of the Archival Products webshop, a tangible outcome of their combined efforts. Alina’s hands-on involvement in real projects, from client meetings to site supervision, offered practical insights into entrepreneurship and design execution. Beyond skill development, the exchange fostered valuable connections within the Danish design industry.

Alina’s networking in Copenhagen opened doors for her design products from Project Para to be sold in a local bookshop. It marked not just a chapter but a prelude to a potentially enduring collaboration between the two entrepreneurs. The exchange not only enriched Alina’s design skills but also provided insights into the practicalities of running a design business.

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs has been my guiding compass for entrepreneurial growth. Every collaboration, every challenge and the vibrant Danish design scene has been an invaluable chapter in my journey.” (New Entrepreneur Alina Moise, founder of Project Para)

Guiding Alina through the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program was a journey of mutual growth. Our collaboration in Copenhagen’s dynamic design scene sparked innovation and fostered a shared vision for sustainable, impactful design. (Host Entrepreneur Jo Qiang , partner at Archival Studies)

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