Danis Foundation for Management Development (Fundatia Danis) is a non-governmental organization that supports young entrepreneurs, businessmen and managers to achieve professional excellence, while encouraging them to be social responsible towards their community, through entrepreneurship and management education programs.

What we do

We support professional excellence and social responsibility practiced by managers, business people and entrepreneurs through programs of management and entrepreneurial development.



Empowering Green Entrepreneurship starts in Patras, Greece

The first project meeting of the Empowering Green Entrepreneurship (EGE) project was held in Patras, Greece, between 12-14 July 2022. The EGE project aims to promote and encourage green practices among the new generations of entrepreneurs. The project targets startups, small and medium enterprises, and new and aspiring entrepreneurs, aiming to empower them with green [...]

“I bring brands to life and ensure they tell their story”, says Andreea Schiesser with the confidence that only the #EYEprogramme can give to a young entrepreneur

Andreea Schiesser, a Romanian young entrepreneur, spent two months in Belgium with an experienced entrepreneur, Barbara Geusens, from the skincare industry, in 2021, within the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme. With the help of Fundatia Danis, Andreea gained more confidence in the entrepreneurial path she wants to follow. In fact, on her return from Belgium, [...]

Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs – a safe space to dare to innovate

The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs experience offered Roxana Luca, a new entrepreneur from Romania, a safe space for learning and innovation for her current student and entrepreneurial life and her future initiatives. The exchange helped Roxana overview her goals regarding the company she had already started and inspired her to make plans for a new [...]