Danis Foundation for Management Development (Fundatia Danis) is a non-governmental organization that supports young entrepreneurs, businessmen and managers to achieve professional excellence, while encouraging them to be social responsible towards their community, through entrepreneurship and management education programs.

What we do

We support professional excellence and social responsibility practiced by managers, business people and entrepreneurs through programs of management and entrepreneurial development.



Bene László – how Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme impacted his business

Bene László is a young entrepreneur from Romania, who founded and owns Zamir (https://zamir.ro/). He successfully developed his business after he participated in an Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs exchange organized by Fundatia Danis. In this video, László talks about the impact that the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs exchange had on the development of his business.

Skill IT for Youth tools are ready to impact Romania’s youth and educational sectors

Representatives of youth organizations, NGOs, high schools, universities and consultancy companies from Cluj-Napoca joined the Skill IT for Youth multiplier event organized in Romania by Fundatia Danis, on the 27th of January 2020. The organizations were introduced to the main outcomes and outputs of the Skill IT for Youth project and they discussed ways of [...]

Social Entrepreneurship in Local Communities

We like people who want to bring positive change to their communities and we encourage them in their learning process. Through the Social Entrepreneurship in Local Communities project, we support entrepreneurs with innovative ideas who want to develop businesses with social impact in their communities. Together with our five project partners will organize business incubation [...]