Danis Foundation for Management Development (Fundatia Danis) is a non-governmental organization that supports young entrepreneurs, businessmen and managers to achieve professional excellence, while encouraging them to be social responsible towards their community, through entrepreneurship and management education programs.

What we do

We support professional excellence and social responsibility practiced by managers, business people and entrepreneurs through programs of management and entrepreneurial development.



Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs – a safe space to dare to innovate

The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs experience offered Roxana Luca, a new entrepreneur from Romania, a safe space for learning and innovation for her current student and entrepreneurial life and her future initiatives. The exchange helped Roxana overview her goals regarding the company she had already started and inspired her to make plans for a new [...]

From a local business idea to a business plan targeting the whole Eastern European cultural scene

Benefiting from the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme, Bianca Stânea developed the business plan of her company VITRINA from an idea focusing on the local Romanian cultural sector to a business plan addressing the whole Eastern European scene, reinforcing its impact and value. Bianca spent six months in Portugal learning how to design and re-design [...]

The path towards entrepreneurship in the spa and skincare industry

This successful Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs collaboration took place in Ghent, Belgium, in 2021, between Andreea Schiesser, a young entrepreneur in the spa and skincare industry, and Barbara Geusens, an experienced entrepreneur and the founder of Nomige, a company that specializes in personalized skincare based on one’s genetic profile.  Andreea found out about the EYE [...]