Danis Foundation for Management Development (Fundatia Danis) is a non-governmental organization that supports young entrepreneurs, businessmen and managers to achieve professional excellence, while encouraging them to be social responsible towards their community, through entrepreneurship and management education programs.

What we do

We support professional excellence and social responsibility practiced by managers, business people and entrepreneurs through programs of management and entrepreneurial development.



When photography brings entrepreneurs together

Driven by her passions for photography and painting, Alexandra decided to apply to Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme in April 2018. All her life, she has pursued her dream of being a freelance photographer, but she has also wanted to embrace the pragmatic aspect of a business by channeling her creativity. She has been looking [...]

ENPower Conference – new bridges to support young people from Ukraine

ENpower conference brought together over 50 relevant stakeholders from private sector, universities, public institutions, youth and student organizations from Ukraine. Throughout the two-day event, we presented the results of the ENPower project, and shared with the participants the ENpower Training Toolkit and the ENpower Mentorship Program. Also, participants from the ENpower training course joined the […]

ENPower training course – entrepreneurship and internship programs for youth

26 youth workers from Ukraine were trained on how to conduct valuable workshops for youth, within ENPower training course, as part of the ENPower project, supported by Erasmus+ Programme. The training course, organized by Norsensus Mediaforum (Norway), FAIR (Poland) Fundatia Danis (Romania) and Resonance Foundation (Ukraine), took place in Poland, at the end of January […]