Individual Donations

Choose one of our projects and contribute with a sum of money for its realization. Donate monthly or occasionally for general support of the Foundation and our projects. Participate at our fundraising events organized in special locations in the company of great people.

In recent years, over 200 individual donors participated in fundraising events organized to support the Foundation’s projects. We greatly appreciate their support and we thank them!

Direct 2%

If you are an individual, direct 2% of the tax rule for bold and creative yougsters, innovative entrepreneurs and responsible managers.

Download form 230 – on income from wages.
Download form 200 – on income from other sources, in addition to salaries.

In recent years, more than 200 people in the country have chosen to direct 2% to our Foundation’s projects. Many thanks!

Coalitions “Business to Business”

Form a coalition with your business partners, customers or suppliers, and inolve your managers  in solving problems within Cluj community. Join our program “Business to Business Coalition,” to get involved in the community, to motivate your employees, develop their managerial skills and get to know better your business partners.


If you represent a company, sponsor our projects in entrepreneurship education, youth development and social responsibility. We will work to put together the project that best fits your company. Sponsorships can be deducted from income tax paid to the State within 20% of the tax to 3 ‰ of the turnover of your company.


Be one of our volunteers and convince your colleagues and employer to get involved in community projects.

Contributions in-kind

You can contribute with donations of things that are helpful in our projects (stationery, conference rooms, printing, design, etc.).