Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Through Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs international exchanges, we bring extraordinary people and meaningful business experiences into the lives of young entrepreneurs. The exchanges take place within “SMEs Growing in Europe” (SGE 12 and SGE 13) project, led by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Girona (Spain), and co-financed by European Commission.

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is the European exchange programme for entrepreneurs. It is a cross-border exchange programme that gives new or aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to learn from experienced entrepreneurs running small businesses in other participating countries.

Thus, through the “SMEs Growing in Europe” project, part of the EYE Programme, we support young and would-be entrepreneurs from Romania to develop their businesses or business ideas by working with experienced entrepreneurs from other EU countries. At the same time, successful entrepreneurs from Romania can share their experience and their businesses can become good practice models for other young European entrepreneurs.

The new cycle of the SGE project started in February 2020, and by the beginning of 2024, the partners aim to reach out to at least 450 young and experienced entrepreneurs from Spain, Italy, Romania, Poland, Greece, Austria, Malta, Macedonia, France and The Netherlands, and support and finance 240 international exchanges.

Since 2012, Fundatia Danis works as intermediary organization in this programme. So far, Fundatia Danis supported 115 Romanian young or would-be entrepreneurs and experienced ones to benefit from the programme.

The enrolled young entrepreneurs have bold business ideas in sectors such as architecture, marketing, 3D graphics, film production, fashion, IT, financial services, education and training, agriculture, and bicycle touring.

“I decided to get involved in the project because I truly believe that Romania has a lot to offer in terms of knowledge, abilities and business potential for entrepreneurs. I shared my experience with Eleonora Piras, a young entrepreneur from Italy, and I had the opportunity to find out more about Italian architecture studios’ work procedures and approaches. Our collaboration was great and I involved Eleonora in all our projects”. (Robert Farczadi, host entrepreneur, Project-A – Architecture Studio, Cluj-Napoca, Romania).

See more about Robert and Eleonora’s exchange here:

“I got a detailed view of the processes of the company, also, I had the chance to see how business transactions are recorded and how these transactions are used to create management reports. Moreover, I proposed improvements for company’s databases and financial reports. Once I had returned in Romania, I activated my company on financial services, and I started to collaborate with my host’s company, and to work on attracting new clients from Romania and abroad”. (Daniel Cornea, young entrepreneur in financial services sector, who participated in a two-month exchange in UK)

Fundatia Danis’ partners in the project are: Cambra de Comerc, Industria i Navegació de Girona (Spain), Eduforma (Italy), Wyższa Szkoła Ekonomii i Innowacji w Lublinie (Poland), Smart Umbrella Management Solutions (Greece), Amadeus Verein Fur Transnationale Bildung (Austria), Malta Enterprise (Malta), Business Confederation of Macedonia (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), Institut Mediterraneen D’etudes Etrecherche en Informatique et Robotique – IMERIR (France), Quarter Mediation (The Netherlands), Mersin Teknopark (Turkey).

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Success stories are published on our foundation’s website in the News section.

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Learn about Romanian entrepreneurs experience in the programme through the video stories published on Fundatia Danis Youtube Channel.