Empowering Green Entrepreneurship starts in Patras, Greece


The first project meeting of the Empowering Green Entrepreneurship (EGE) project was held in Patras, Greece, between 12-14 July 2022.

The EGE project aims to promote and encourage green practices among the new generations of entrepreneurs. The project targets startups, small and medium enterprises, and new and aspiring entrepreneurs, aiming to empower them with green and digital skills, and to promote and develop an environmentally friendly mindset among them.

Until the end of 2023, Fundatia Danis, together with the five partners from Spain,

Italy, Greece, and Cyprus will focus on achieving the following results:

  • to develop a green entrepreneurship guide on green skills and sustainability practices based on the EU Green Deal policies, including an innovative business plan with a green dimension; this innovative tool will allow entrepreneurs to incorporate an environmentally friendly approach into their business development.
  • to create a green entrepreneurship e-course with audiovisual support based on inspirational videos, interviews, and best practices;
  • to build a free online educational platform containing the resources developed by the partners;
  • to motivate and train on green practices and green knowledge, at least 600 new and aspiring entrepreneurs, SMEs, and startups from the five countries, to incorporate green practices in their businesses and business plans.

This project seeks to combine traditional business concepts with ethics and environmental practices based on the areas defined by the European Green Deal, which aims to make the European Union climate-neutral by the year 2050. The Green Business Plan will make it possible to establish “green” standards and technical specifications that future entrepreneurs will have to respect, aiming to change corporate ethics and environmental protection and sustainability models. All the project results and educational resources will be available online.

During the kick-off project meeting, the 11 representatives of the six partners planned the project activities’ development, set the upcoming steps in detail, deadlines, the following partners’ meetings, and the communication strategy and promotion of the project activities.

The EGE- Empowering Green Entrepreneurship project is implemented under Erasmus +programme by six partner organizations based in five European countries: Cambra de Comerc, Industria i Navegació de Girona (Spain), Izertis (Spain), Eduforma (Italy), Rezos Brands (Greece), Rivensco Consulting (Cyprus) and Fundatia Danis (Romania).

The project is co-funded by the European Commission, through the Erasmus + programme and the Spanish National Erasmus+Agency – Sepie.

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