An active spring for FSPAC students

This March, 45 students of the Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences have started their internships in nine organizations in Cluj-Napoca. The students are trained to cope with the future jobs they will have after graduation. They develop their abilities and skills, badly needed in a future job in the project “Vocational counseling, internships and simulated enterprise: an extra chance in finding a job for students following specializations in public administration, communication, public relations and advertising“(HRD / 161 / 2.1 / G / 137 510).

Andreea is a student at Communication and Public Relations department and got an internship at the Foundation for Youth Involvement:

When I chose to enroll in this project, I did it with a strong desire to get work experience, because nowadays the emphasis is increasingly more on experience. After I started the internship itself, I realized that there are many more advantages than the mere fact that you add it to your CV; You get to see how an institution functions, you learn to work in a team, you get to learn new things, to practice some skills that you were not even aware that you own, but at the same time, get to know new people who help you in some way in your professional formation“.

The 45 students worked in NGOs, public institutions, consulting firms and agencies of communication and publicity from Cluj-Napoca, where they learned what a job means, they practiced their professional skills and have seen how the organizations which might receive them as future employees are operating. Students were guided in these organizations by tutors, professionals interested in the development of young people:

Although I never thought I could learn so much in such a short period, I was surprised to see how many interesting things I learned in just two weeks. This I owe it primarily to Petruţa Grijincu, my tutor in the organization that has always been with us and tried to get us involved in as many activities in order to learn as many interesting things as possible in your time at the foundation. I met nice and friendly people who supported us, who were always at our disposal. I was pleasantly surprised by the organization,by the commitment and involvement of those who have dealt with this program and I can say that I am grateful that I had the opportunity to get involved in this project.” (Andreea, a student in Communication and Public Relations).

The project “Vocational counseling, internships and simulated enterprise: an extra chance in finding a job for students of specializations public administration and communication, public relations and advertising” is implemented by FSPAC in partnership with Fundatia Danis during May 2014 Danis-October 2015. The Foundation is involved in the project in organizing internships for students, as well as providing entrepreneurship education to students through simulated enterprise FSPAC created within the faculty.

The project is co-financed from the European Social Fund Operational thorugh the Programme for Human Resources Development 2007-2013, Priority 2 “Linking lifelong learning and labor market”, Key Area of ​​Intervention 2.1 “Transition from school to work.”

More information can be found on the project website:

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