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We thank our supporters who in 2015 directed 2% of income tax to Danis Foundation! The money raised are used for co-financing the project “Entrepreneurs’ Mobility”, part of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme. We invite you to further support us in 2016 for the international exchanges between entrepreneurs by directing 2% of income tax on last year.

For directing 2% of income tax from 2015, use these forms.

Download form 230 – for income from wages.
Download form 200 – on income from other sources besides wages.

Recently, financial administrations of districts where supporters of Danis Foundation are, have transferred us the collected funds from directing us 2% of income tax. In total, we received over 7,000 lei. All the money will be used to facilitate international exchanges between young entrepreneurs from Romania and successful business people from other EU countries, but also for exchanges between Romanian experienced entrepreneurs and other young Europeans. Thus, we promote a different business environment in our country through sustainable businesses developed by entrepreneurs participating in the program, through the internationalization of the Romanian business environment, and through a responsible business behavior within  the community. You can read more about Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs here.

I saw in detail how a financial services firm, how to record business transactions, how to build customer reports, including how to prepare management reports. Moreover, we have proposed improvements to financial databases and reports generated by the host company in the UK. Once back in Romania, we have started financial services firm, working with my host and entrepreneur getting ready for new clients in Romania and elsewhere.” (Daniel Cornea, young entrepreneur in financial services, participated in an exchange of two months in the UK)

Moreover, Danis Foundation won this year a new grant from the European Commission for co-financing of these international exchanges by 2018.

Under the program, our responsibilities are:

  • Select young people with entrepreneurial potential and experienced business people in Romania;
  • We advise on the project and business plan preparation for young entrepreneurs;
  • We support entrepreneurs with experience in the enrollment process in the program;
  • Identify entrepreneurs from other European countries to match profiles Romanian entrepreneurs enrolled in the programme;
  • Build successful relationships between entrepreneurs from Romania and those from other EU countries;
  • We monitor and provide support Romanian entrepreneurs during international exchange;
  • We evaluate the exchanges;
  • Promote Romanian entrepreneurs and their businesses in the European business community.

48 entrepreneurs in Romania, in their start-up phase or already with many years of experience, were enrolled in the program in 2015 through Danis Foundation. Nine of them were involved in international excanges.

You can read more about the work of Danis Foundation 2015 Annual Report.

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