Online training for would-be trainers or beginners in working with youth

At least 40 young people from Norway, Poland and Romania can access now the yourKITE online training modules dedicated to would-be trainers or beginners in training methodology or other young people interested in working with youth.

Through the yourKITE training, first, the youth workers or young trainers can develop or enhance their knowledge and skills on training methodology for youth and adult learners; and then, they can specifically learn about how to conduct training sessions on visual communication, entrepreneurship, volunteering and career guidance for young people. Also, they have access to the yourKITE toolkit – a handbook for trainers with relevant theory, training scenarios and other essential resources.

The online training consists of five main modules: (1) training methodology; (2) volunteering; (3) entrepreneurship; (4) career counseling and (5) visual communication. These modules are made up from one, two or four sessions each, with instructions, exercises and assignments. The training can be taken in English, Norwegian, Polish or Romanian. Also, all the training materials are available in the same languages on the project online platform. The training participants taking the modules should plan on spending between one and three hours on each session.

The interested candidates can enrol continuously to the training on the yourKITE online platform, from May 8th to June 7th, and complete the training at their own pace. Live sessions, with the trainers, conducted in English, are also scheduled for the participants who have specific questions or want to share their learning experience with other young people from other countries.

Although the training is mainly aimed at those who are working with youth, it is open to anyone who might be interested.

Background information:

yourKITE project (The initiative to enhance Young people Knowledge and skills on IT and Entrepreneurship and increase their Employability) develops communication and digital media skills and entrepreneurship knowledge and competences of young people, while promoting volunteering and professional orientation among youth, in order to increase their employability.

Through the project implemented during 2015-2017, organizations from Norway, Poland, and Romania develop several educational tools that can be used by young trainers in delivering workshops on topics, such as entrepreneurship, communication, digital media and volunteering. These tools include a toolkit, an online learning platform with valuable educational resources, and online courses for young people in the areas mentioned above.

At the same time, the partners train 58 young people in entrepreneurship, communication and digital media. Then, 18 of these young people, already prepared in an international training, deliver workshops on these areas for other 400 young people from the three countries.

Moreover, yourKITE ( also provides professional development opportunities to the partner organizations’ employees. Thus, each organization involved in the project shared its expertise with the other partners, through trainings on digital media, communication, entrepreneurship, volunteering, IT and  professional counseling and orientation.

The project partners are: Norsensus Mediaforum (Oslo, Norway), Fundacja Aktywnych Inicjatyw Rozwoju (Warsaw, Poland), Fundacja Rozwoju Spoleczenstwa Informacyjnego (Warsaw, Poland), Fundatia Danis pentru Dezvoltare Manageriala (Cluj, Romania).

The project is co-financed by the European Commission, within the Erasmus+ Programme, and through the help of Aktiv Ungdom (The Norwegian National Agency for Erasmus+).

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