Learning about fashion business in Italy


Nina Viviana Duca, a would-be fashion entrepreneur from Romania, is in Turin for six months to learn how to develop her business from an experienced entrepreneur, within Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme. Starting April 2016, she is working with Claudia Piatti in Lungo Tavolo fashion project. For six months, she develops her business plan with valuable advises from Claudia, and she directly contributes to Claudia’s artisan fashion studio, by helping mostly on the marketing strategy and activities.

Nina Duca (would-be entrepreneur, Cluj-Napoca, Romania):

“I found here an amazing, yet challenging reality. The Lungo Tavolo project is an innovative and ambitious startup that aims at becoming a revolutionary force in the fashion industry. As the nine person to join this small artisan fashion studio that was preparing to launch its own collection at Turin Fashion Week, I created, from scratch, the brand strategy for penetrating the international market.
I encourage all new entrepreneurs to participate to this program. It is invaluable and exciting experience.”

Claudia Piatti (host entrepreneur, Turin, Italy):

“We have focused on the potential of this relationship to bring us fresh ideas and fresh studies, and also on giving back to the new entrepreneur the possibility to experience the real life of a company. The matching between me and Nina was really successful and stimulating, very deep relationship. Nina arrived here three months ago, but we really feel now like long-lasting friends now. My hope is to bring our project to a successful level, in order to stay in touch with Nina, continue cooperating with her”.

Watch the success story of Nina and Claudia’s exchange here:

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