Highlights from CoOp Fundraising & CSR Training Course


25 youth workers from Greece, Ireland, Norway, Poland and Romania were trained on how to use fundraising methods and techniques and got guidance on companies’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, in order to enhance their collaboration with small-medium enterprises (SMEs) from their communities.

The CoOp Fundraising and CSR Training Course took place in Athens, Greece, from 7th to 13th of February 2019, within the CoOp project framework and supported by Erasmus+ Programme.

During the five-day training course, the youth workers learned and developed essential fundraising skills to improve their work in attracting private investments in programs designed to support young people. Also, in the last day of the training course, all the participants were involved in developing project ideas they could pitch to local companies, and they had to actually prepare and stand in mock-up meetings with companies’ representatives (role-played by the CoOp trainers).

Here are the main learning outcomes of the youth workers that took part in the international training:

A new perspective on the fundraising environment

Understanding of CSR and possible NGO-business sector partnerships

Useful fundraising methods, tips and techniques

Greater understanding of potential fundraising opportunities, mainly from SMEs

Developing a compelling and consistent message, and how to deliver it to increase visibility, supporters, and volunteers

The confidence to develop a bespoke fundraising plan and strategy

Exploring project ideas for collaboration with SMEs

Guidance from practitioners with extensive experience

Engaging with resourceful youth workers and other NGO experts working in the youth sector from Greece, Ireland, Norway, Poland and Romania

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