Innovation Express – Highlights from Norway

After Vedat (Norsensus Mediaforum, Norway) spent 10 days in Romania, it was time for Paula, from Fundatia Danis to pay a visit to Norsensus – in our Erasmus+ job shadowing project – Innovation Express. There is nothing these organizations love more than sharing and learning with/from others, to innovate their work and make it more meaningful. Paula’s long journey to explore civil society in Norway started in Arendaluska, where we joined a debate on business-NGO cooperation and a nice party, being invited by Frivillighet Norge. Not a bad start. 🙂

Everyone can learn how to use a camera! Paula learned too. Not a big deal. 🙂 But the story does not stop here, because at Norsensus Mediaforum, they are always one step ahead of things in the field of media and media literacy. Next step for Paula was to learn how to use filming for developing interactive videos and animations, which Fundatia Danis could use to develop innovative educational tools for young people.

Our initial plan, in the job shadowing experience from Oslo, was only to design a workshop on design thinking and storytelling for NGO workers and activists, combining the expertise of Norsensus Mediaforum and Fundatia Danis. We got that engaged in the topic during the time spent in Romania, that once the job shadowing started in Norway, we organized and also delivered the workshop to nine activists, volunteers and NGO workers from Oslo!

When Paula learned we will also visit Bergen as a surprise of the project, she did not shy away from almost jumping with happiness. No offence to Oslo, we still love it. 🙂 When our night train arrived in Bergen, the city did not surprise us with its non-stop rain. Yet, it did not stop us to explore Bergen. First, we used the bad weather as an excuse for buying new clothes to survive the West Coast’s weather. Then, we set on tasting some fish and of course meeting awesome people at University of Bergen and Bergen Media City. 

Innovation Express job shadowing project was also part of the Norsensus Heroes and Stories networking event Norsensus organized in Oslo. Paula helped from designing the concept of the event and organizing it, to sparkling cleaning the office before the event :). Also, during the event, she introduced to Norsensus Mediaforum’s friends and partners our common projects on media literacy starting up this autumn.

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