Organizație non-guvernamentală care susține excelența profesională și responsabilitatea socială a managerilor, a oamenilor de afaceri și a antreprenorilor, prin programe de dezvoltare managerială şi antreprenorială.

Cu ce ne ocupăm

Promovăm antreprenoriatul ca alternativă de viață și susținem excelența profesională a tinerilor, a managerilor și a antreprenorilor, în spiritul responsabilității sociale.



Designing Futures: A Sustainable Exchange in Scandinavian Creativity

Impact Succes Story of Alina Moise, Young Entrepreneur in product design sector, from Bucharest and Jo Qiang, Host Entrepreneur in Architectural Design, from Copenhagen             Introduction of the business Exchange partners  Mrs. Alina Moise, 28, a passionate green entrepreneur from Bucharest, founded Project Para in September 2022, specializing in bespoke […]

From Start-Up Dreams to Global Success: Patrik Rojan Reflects on His Entrepreneurial Journey and the EYE Programme

Follow up success story of Patrik Rojan, eight months after the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs’ exchange. Meet Patrik Rojan, the founder of Mixtazure, an SEO company based in Cluj-Napoca. The company helps businesses grow by getting more visitors and making more money. Patrik established Mixtazure in 2022. In the spring of 2023, he participated in […]

EYE Success Story: Mihaela Gîscă, new entrepreneur from Romania and Astrid Weikmann, Host entrepreneur from Austria

Cultivating Synergies: A Cross-Border Entrepreneurial Partnership for Marketing Innovation and Sustainability