Saying „Hi” from Portugal, from EYE entrepreneurs

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Success Story

New Entrepreneur (NE): Loreta Rotar

Country: Romania

„I intend to open a business that reflects my passion for languages in the form of a language school and translation services company. The EYE programme is a good opportunity for me because it helps me to gain the necessary entrepreneurial skills and boots out my creativity.

Some highlights of my first month in Portugal are: an introduction to different ways of promoting a business on social media; participation in the activities organized by Embaixada da Juventude (the organization of my Host Entrepreneur) which helped me to become more creative. In addition, I had the pleasure to meet another New Entrepreneur who would like to open a business in graphic design and started helping me in creating a logo for my future business.”

Host Entrepreneur (HE): Gabriel Manea

Country: Portugal

The NE shows bright spirit and support during her exchange here in Embaixada da Juventude. The overall exchange exposes her to various areas of project management, administration and nonformal education. She is keen to bring in the association her big package of experience from previous work done and contribute to the implementation and management of the projects. The overall exchange exceeded expectations as the NE shows self-determination and a high level of professionalism.

During the course of completing the duties assigned, she was able to identify the project requirements and deliver the results in a timely and efficient manner. She demonstrated leadership and team spirit in the tasks she worked on as part of a team. The NE abilities are highly valued by the organization because she offered new ideas, concepts and methods of working in a more effective manner, and we hope to work together on more projects in the near future.”

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