EGE- Empowering Green Entrepreneurship project – Learning, Teaching and Training Activity in Girona


During May 22-26, 2023, the partners of the Erasmus+ funded project EGE- Empowering Green Entrepreneurship met in Girona, Spain, for the Learning, Teaching and Training Activity (LTTA).

The EGE- Empowering Green Entrepreneurship project aims to promote and encourage green practices among the new generations of entrepreneurs. The project targets startups, small and medium enterprises, and new and aspiring entrepreneurs, aiming to empower them with green and digital skills and to promote and develop an environmentally friendly mindset among them.

The implementation of the project will lead to:

-a green entrepreneurship guide on green skills and sustainability practices based on the EU Green Deal policies.  The guide will include theory on the topics of sustainable development, circular economy, sustainable transport, pollution elimination, waste management, including an innovative business plan with a „green” dimension, but also examples and practical advice for entrepreneurs;

-a green entrepreneurship e-course with audiovisual support based on inspirational videos, interviews, and best practices;

-an online educational platform containing the educational resources developed by the partners.

All project outputs will be free to use by any interested party and available in all partners’ national languages.

During the LTTA meeting in Girona, the project partners had the opportunity to:

-Discuss about the online educational platform that will enable interested users to acquire knowledge in the field of green entrepreneurship. All project partners provided their review, tested the online platform and worked together at improving the final outcome, through discussions that enabled exchange of knowledge and experiences.

-Visit sustainable businesses in the area, in view of enhancing participants’ knowledge and exchange of experience and best practices in green entrepreneurship area. As such, the participants were mostly impressed by the visits to „La Fageda Cooperativa” and „Camping la Ballena Allegre”. These green businesses are included as case studies in the e-course developed by the partners and reflect green actions towards corporate sustainability and eliminating pollution respectively.

The EGE project is an initiative of Cambra de Comerc, Industria i Navegacio de Girona (Spain), together with Eduforma (Italy), Rivensco Consulting (Cyprus), Fundatia Danis (Romania), Rezos Brands (Greece) and Izertis (Spain).

Find out more about the EGE project by visiting:

This project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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