The path towards entrepreneurship in the spa and skincare industry

This successful Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs collaboration took place in Ghent, Belgium, in 2021, between Andreea Schiesser, a young entrepreneur in the spa and skincare industry, and Barbara Geusens, an experienced entrepreneur and the founder of Nomige, a company that specializes in personalized skincare based on one’s genetic profile. 

Andreea found out about the EYE programme from one of her friends who participated in the programme two years before and was pleased with the experience and the added value gained through it. Therefore, she contacted Fundatia Danis and after being accepted in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme, with our help, Andreea looked for a host entrepreneur within her field of interest. After a couple of interviews, the exchange with Dr. Barbara Geusens, the founder of Nomige and with a Ph.D. in Dermatology, seemed like the perfect fit. Hence, Andreea traveled to Ghent where Barbara’s business is located.

With international expertise in marketing gained in various markets, such as United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, etc., Andreea Schiesser helped Nomige in this area during the duration of the exchange, by creating a brand manual, developing a marketing plan, brand strategy, and transferring marketing knowledge to the team. Dr. Barbara Geusens helped Andreea in the areas of product development, formulations, packaging, manufacturing, and increasing her overall skincare knowledge.

Barbara provided one on one sessions on skincare ingredients as well as took Andreea on a manufacturing site visit, explained the challenges and the benefits of being an entrepreneur and all in all made sure that Andreea is part of the day-to-day operations of her skincare company. On the other hand, Andreea has helped Barbara’s business in developing various strategies and transferring her marketing knowledge to the team through workshops, consumer interviews, and discussions with the team members.

During the two-month exchange, Andreea improved her entrepreneurial skills, gained knowledge in skincare and skincare manufacturing, received contacts for packaging and research and development companies. Also, having an experienced entrepreneur discussing the obstacles and the steps involved in running a business was an important benefit from this exchange. Upon return, Andreea Schiesser has applied for a bachelor degree at Targu Mures Pharmacy University, medical cosmetic and cosmetic product technology specialization. Also, she has started her own international marketing consultancy company Brigua Concept.

“Being immersed in Barbara’s business (Nomige) from day one has been great. Through sharing her successes and challenges with me, Barbara made me more comfortable in my path towards entrepreneurship”. (Andreea Schiesser)

“The exchange with Andreea exceeded my expectations. We had an immediate good connection and shared our complementary experiences which resulted in an efficient collaboration and tangible outcomes. We will surely stay in touch.” (Dr. Barbara Geusens)

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