Skill IT for Youth partners meet in Dublin, Ireland for the final project meeting

The Skill IT for Youth Project Partners met in Dublin, Ireland, for the last project meeting on the 24th and 25th of October 2019. It was an intense two days of work with a busy agenda as they worked to map out the project work for the remaining 3 months of the project, as well as the associated reporting and dissemination activities.

The Project Lead Partner, Youth Work Ireland, hosted participants representing partner organizations Camara Education (Ireland), Norsensus Mediaforum (Norway), Fundiata Danis (Romania) and Fundacja Robinson Crusoe (Poland), in their office in Dublin City Centre, back where the project started 2 years ago.

The partners reviewed the progress made so far with the ongoing intellectual output work:

  • The Training Toolkit was almost finished, only requiring a final proof-read, which was completed at the meeting.
  • The Policy Brief is ‘work in progress’ and the lead guided the partners through the next steps, offering templates and planning visual aids for the Dissemination of same.
  • The Competence Framework for Digital Youth Work Practice is almost ready, but the self-assessment tool is still going through iterations of testing and improvements: we had done a round of user testing at the Irish seminar for senior managers involved in Digital Youth Work, and the team had updated the tool accordingly; we did another round of testing with all the partners and this highlighted the need for further edits, so a timescale and action plan was agreed between the partners for same; further rounds of testing will take place to refine and finalise the tool functionality.
  • We also discussed in detail the final stages of development of the Strategic Guide for Senior Managers & Leaders to embed digital technology into their youth organisations, and we performed more testing of the self-assessment tool prototype; it had also been submitted to user testing at the Irish Seminar, and updated to reflect their feedback; further testing was done at the partner meeting and steps were agreed to finalise both the functionality and the look & feel of the tool. The team also planned for the development of the interactive online training course which will support organisations in developing their digital learning plan.

The partners then spent a lot of time discussing and planning some enhancements to our online platform so as to ensure that it will be useful and user-friendly for the Digital Youth Work community they aim to create, supporting them with resources and with ways to benefit and contribute. A detailed plan was agreed to make many further enhancements to the platform in the coming few weeks.

As this was the last partner meeting the partners of course also discussed reporting requirements and talked about the writing of the final report.

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