Social Entrepreneurship in Local Communities

Social Entrepreneurship in Local Communities

We like people who want to bring positive change to their communities, and we encourage them in their learning process. Through the Social Entrepreneurship in Local Communities project, we supported entrepreneurs with innovative ideas for businesses with social impact. Together with our five project partners, we organized business incubation programs for entrepreneurs in Romania, Italy and Cyprus, to improve their entrepreneurial skills.

The objectives of the project were to:

  • Develop an integrated innovative social incubation business model for entrepreneurs in order to start a business with a strong social impact in local communities;
  • Provide guidance and training for 60 wannabe or young entrepreneurs and ten partners’ employees who improved their skills by learning all steps and tools of the social incubation business models matching the community realities;
  • Create an innovative, alternative funding instrument for social entrepreneurs and businesses;
  • Increase the visibility of social entrepreneurship as an innovative solution to community well-being.

The project also established a crowdfunding platform that provided visibility to social business ideas, endorsement of the best concepts, and the chance of being financed by the local communities to social entrepreneurs from Romania, Italy, and Cyprus: .

You may check and download the open educational resources developed within the project at this link:, or by accessing our Resources page.

The project was implemented by Fundația Civitas pentru Societatea Civilă (Romania), Centrul pentru Legislație Nonprofit (Romania), Fundația Danis (Romania), Matera Hub (Italy), Diesis (Belgium) și Synthesis (Cyprus). The project was co-funded by the European Commission through Erasmus+ Programme and the Romanian National Agency – ANPCDEFP.